KLH CreateWorks is a fantastic resource for any writer to have their work reviewed and improved in a fast and efficient manner. Kat Hutson is a delight to work with; she is knowledgeable and well-practiced in the finer technical points of the English language. She took the draft of my latest fantasy novel and had it turned around and back to me very fast. She was always ready to give me feedback on my work during the editing process, and we easily maintained a fluid, open line of communication. Kat Hutson is incredibly diligent about making agreed-upon deadlines for her clients. She is approachable and highly available for comment and feedback throughout the editing process. Kat Hutson is fully committed to providing her clients top-notch quality, and will do everything in her power to ensure that each project passing through her hands receives her best work, and that every client is absolutely satisfied with her services. I would absolutely work with Kat Hutson and KLH CreatWorks again, as well as recommend the service to others.

Jason Pere, Author of the ‘Purgatory’ Series