Recently, Kathrin Hutson edited a research proposal and finalized research paper for me. I was astounded by her professionalism and flexibility in writing techniques. Upon receiving her feedback, I had no doubt that she immensely aided my writing. After the initial research proposal on modern education reform was accepted to be presented at the William V. Moore Research Conference this year, I proceeded to have Kathrin edit my finished research paper. Her feedback was unequivocally necessary for my success at the conference. I took Kathrin’s feedback and leveraged it to receive the Second Best Presentation Award at the conference. Since then, I have gone on to further discuss my work with other scholars, and plan to extrapolate my research int other fields. I would absolutely recommend Kathrin for anyone looking to fine tune a piece of literature, or to receive valuable criticism for any piece of work.

Carl Maass, Young Americans for Liberty Executive Board Member