When Editing and Proofing any work, I first ask for a sample of your manuscript, story, or essay, up to 10 pages, along with what type of editing you believe will best benefit your writing. I can take up to two days going over the work you submit me. Then I will contact you with a personalized estimate of prices for each tier of editing services I provide, the estimated date of returning the finished product, and which service I recommend after reading your sample.

This estimate, while based on the 10-page sample you provide, is binding. I will always have your work returned to you within the given time frame noted, and even if I go over the estimated amount of hours spent on your work, I will never charge you more for it. Below are the three tiers of editing I provide, with the average pricing for each.

Please note that pages per hour vary with every piece submitted to me, and that these prices only reflect an outline for my services.


Simply proofreading any manuscript includes correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, and basic mechanics. This is the least expensive service, and generally takes the least amount of time. It is perfect for a work that has already received extensive review (either by you, your peers, or other editors), and is ready for a fresh pair of eyes before submission or publication.

The industry standard prices for professional proofreading are as follows:

$30-$40 an hour at 8-10 pages per hour

My prices:

$25 an hour at 9-12 pages per hour with an average of a 1 week turnaround

*pages per hour vary and are determined by reviewing the sample you give me.

Content Editing

I usually recommend content editing for a first or second draft of a piece. Some clients submit manuscripts to me that have never been viewed by another person before, or that they feel needs some touching up in places that may not be as strong as others. This includes all of the editing of the Proofreading tier, and adds changes to sentence structure, word choice, some dialogue, and keeping with the voice of the narration and the characters.

The industry standard prices for professional content editing are as follows:

$35-$45 an hour at 5-7 pages per hour

My prices:

$25 an hour at 4-7 pages per hour with an average of a 2 to 3 week turnaround

*pages per hour vary and are determined by reviewing the sample you give me.

“Workshop” Critique

This is the top tier of professional services that I offer, and is something I added as a bonus. Sometimes, what an author really wants is someone to get down to the grit of their work – to question it, critique it, ask questions and make suggestions. This workshop is offered as an all-inclusive. I go through your piece with a fine-toothed comb, looking for any unanswered questions, defects in characterization or plot, issues that might arise with scene or dialogue believability. The cost for this workshop is a little higher, and takes a bit more time than the other options, but allows me to provide notes on everything I see, ideas that strike me when reading, and suggestions for you, the author, that may improve the work should you choose to implement them. I will also write a review of your manuscript once I’ve finished for you to use in any way you like.

I have yet to find an industry standard price for a “workshop” critique of full manuscripts, or even other editors who offer it at all.

My price for the “workshop” is $27 an hour at 1-5 pages per hour, ranging anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks to complete.

*I also workshop short stories up to 10,000 words at a flat rate of $30 each.

All of my changes are tracked in Microsoft Word and returned to you, so that you may follow the edits step by step at your own leisure, and accept them as you choose. I also do a reread after all editing is complete, so the piece gets viewed more than once. I want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the work I do, so if there are sections that you’d like to give some extra love, I will review them again at no charge.

To help make the payment process easier, I will send you an invoice on the day you choose to work with me for 50% of the estimated cost. This comes with a customized Service Agreement for your project, and as soon as I receive the first payment (through Paypal) and a statement that you have read and acknowledged the Agreement, we start! The invoice for the last 50% will be sent with your edited manuscript on or before the estimated date due.

Payment options also available.

To start the estimate process for writing services of your choice, please fill out the contact box below. 

*Ask about my paperback layout, ebook formatting, and Indie Author Consulting services.

2 thoughts on “Pricing and Process

  1. Under the heading above of “Workshop” Critique, right at the bottom, you said:
    *I also workshop short stories up to 10,000 words at a flat rate of $30 each.

    Just to clarify, is that $30 for each story?


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