I have been editing and proofreading since 2008, when I started undergraduate schooling at the University of Colorado Boulder as a Creative Writing Fiction major. Editing, proofreading, and critiquing fiction was half of my college education, and I found that not only did I have a keen eye and sharp ability to explain segments and ideas that needed improvement, but I very much enjoyed the time I spent editing another’s work.

In a professional capacity, I have been editing and proofreading since 2010. It started with a peer review blog created by a former classmate, and highlighted both original works and edits and critiques by its members. After a brief stint with a waitressing career, I then worked with a computer repair and networking agency (Computer Cats, LLC), and the Personal Injury firm McDivitt Law Firm. Within these companies, I composed form letters, drafted and edited email and mail correspondence, and wrote training manuals. At McDivitt, I also edited legal contracts, drafted legal contracts, and composed and edited audio transcripts. For most of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, I was also a member of Charleston Writer’s Group, an offshoot of Writer’s House in Charlotesville, Virginia, and founded by Christy Strick. As a member, I edited at least one complete short story or novel chapter a week, and then reviewed them and gave input during weekly face-to-face meetings with other members and authors.

Self-employed since the middle of 2014, I included editing and proofreading in the services provided by my small business. I have worked with students, fiction authors, political figures, playwrights, research specialists, alternative medicine organizations, and small business owners.

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