Are you in need of fast, professional, and affordable editing or proofreading for your manuscript? Are you tired of paying way too much for someone who only proofreads, or who tries to change the creativity of your work?

I am a Freelance Copy and Content Editor, which means that I review and proofread for grammar and punctuation, and also “fix up” the content of your work to make sure the whole thing flows together as once cohesive piece. I work with fiction of all kinds, from Literary, to Sci-Fi, to Fantasy; short stories, novels, and Young Adult books. I also work with research proposals, essays, and web content.

Sometimes it is really difficult to find the right person to look over and help improve your work. A lot of editors have a knack for changing a story or novel into what they want it to be, instead of keeping the work pure alongside your vision for it as the author. I am a fiction author myself, and know how difficult it is to hand your work off to someone else’s “reviewing eyes.” I will make sure that your work is 100% accurate in grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and that it reads easily and believably while letting the story bring itself to life. If you are trying to publish a novel manuscript, I also help with formulating query letters, writing short synopses, and finding the right agents and publishers who would be most interested in your fiction.

This is what I do full-time. There are no other editors or reviewers to send your work off to, and I do not have a nine to five job that puts time constraints on the quality and efficiency of the work I put into your manuscript. Anything I do for you has 100% of my attention and focus, and 100% of your approval.

Have a look at the Pricing page for more information on what I can do for your work.

To submit a sample so I can write up a personalized quote to edit your manuscript, please fill out the contact form below. I’d love to hear from you. You can also subscribe to my weekly newsletters for updates, new projects, and tips on writing and editing your own work  Here.

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