As a business owner and practitioner of alternative medicine, you know the importance of offering clients the opportunity for different and still quite effective treatments. That is why you do what you do, to address both physical health, well-being, and life-altering benefits of combining alternative medicine with lifestyle changes and practices. And it is why I do what I do as an Alternative Medicine Copywriter.

I fell in love with first the level of devoted, selfless client care – the focus of the practitioners I saw myself for aid- and then the technology, practices, and information that allowed that care to flourish.

What, then, makes me right for this job? What qualifies me to write copy for your business, copy that will both attract new patients and keep them feeling safe, informed, and benefitted from the wonderful quality of care you have to offer? First and foremost, it is my love of helping people find hope, relief, and joy in their lives again. It is my unquenchable personal and professional curiosity, the need to know more about how and why things work. It is my unique role as both client and Copywriter, my passion for sharing with others the things that could change their lives, and my knowledge and firsthand experience of the devotion that you as a practitioner of alternative medicine have cultivated and integrated into your practice.

If you wish to have a weekly email newsletter sent out, start discussions with your clients on modern advances and discoveries in the world of alternative medicine and remain available to answer questions, or offer easy-to-understand explanations of your mission and services to current and prospective clients alike, I am here to do just that. If you need a creative and passionately engaged new strategy for growing your business and sharing your healing touch, I am here for that, too.

As an AWAI-Certified Copywriter, I focus on email newsletter campaigns, SEO-focused web content, blog updates, social media communication, and landing page creation. Let me join you in the journey toward that which you and I both value in our careers – enabling those with whom we come in contact to find joy and hope in the realization that happiness, wellness, and whole-body health are as easy to attain as simply saying “yes”.

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