HELL final Front web (2016_11_26 20_51_32 UTC)Little Abigail Farnsworth Fiske III is the favorite, sophisticated eleven-year-old of Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Until a piano falls on her head, kills her, and obliterates everything she thoughts she knew about the afterlife. After finding Heaven to be unconscionably boring, Abby does the unthinkable – and opts to be sent to Hell instead. But the Underworld has problems of its own. The employed torturers are exhausted yet scared out of their minds, some of the inhabitants should never have been sent to Hell in the first place, and things have really run themselves into the ground. With the help of Axel, a boy who was wrongly sent to Hell as an ‘axe murderer’, and Willy, a demon who made one too many mistakes, Abby embarks on a mission to get herself the Hell out of there. Along the way, a bevy of moronic, disturbing, and completely unworthy characters join her, only to find that God has left His Godly duties behind Him and Satan just wants a friend. In this hysterical, irreverent romp through the afterlife, Abby and her friends use any form of manipulation at their disposal to bring just a little bit of happiness into even the darkest places.

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