Seven billion dead. After the incurable Sickness pushed humanity to the brink of extinction, America has found a new way of life, balanced by a new governing force.
The people of the world after vow to uphold the elegantly brutal Law of the Challenge. Every man’s dispute is arbitrated with compassion, as the legendary Sebastian Clarke intended. Those like Mark Fishers, who make The Blinding’s physical sacrifice, carry upon their shoulders the responsibility of ensuring due process the way the new world’s people have chosen.

But some long only for America’s former glory—men like Matthew Haze, who gathers a swarm of men calling themselves Patriots. Under this guise, Matthew uses his charisma and resources to rally others to his cause, marching his raving Patriots through the new world’s villages, sowing brutality and calling it justice.

With the new world blatantly threatened in the name of Freedom, America’s survivors must now protect themselves from the Patriots who would restore traditional democracy as One Nation Indivisible—even if it means ripping the country apart.

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Jason Pere