I absolutely loved The Machine: First Book of the Blood and Destiny Series. I’m not afraid to admit it – this is the book that turned me on to Steampunk as a genre. And every other book in the rest of the series was just as amazing. If you’re into a new spin on adventure stories and unlikely heroines, check this out!

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E.C. Jarvis

Larissa Markus is a humble clerk in a clothing shop with a hidden past when she is swept off her feet by the charismatic Professor. Their whirlwind romance explodes in her face and leads her down a tumultuous path of adventure, intrigue, love and violence. Airships, pirates, corsets, torture, murder, and more await in the first novel of the Blood and Destiny Series from E.C. Jarvis. The Machine is an adult steampunk fantasy book. Possible triggers are present within the book including but not limited to sex, murder, torture, and violence.