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Replacement Conspiracy Ebook
Don Forst

Architect Lance Lang has had a special gift since he was eight years old, enabling him to permanently recall any image he’s previously seen in complete detail. So when he views an exhibit of Monet paintings at the Denver Art Museum and notices discrepancies in the details, there’s no doubt in his mind—the Monet paintings are forgeries.

His brother Evans works with the CIA and puts his faith in Lance’s gift. Lance is welcomed onto an investigative team at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia to find just what exactly has happened to the missing Monet paintings. Because, as luck would have it, the forgeries exist in multiple major art museums around the world.

The timing couldn’t have been worse, as Lance has just met the enigmatic, irresistible Nora O’Brian, who faces her own difficulties in balancing her duty as a journalist and returning Lance’s intense feelings for her. In an attempt to quell what may become a worldwide art conspiracy, Lance battles the dangers of chasing the conspirators, fighting through bureaucracy, uncovering Italian Mafia involvement, and running for his life while those close to him are pursued and endangered.