CWC’s Project #3: Ark

I’m so excited this month to be able to talk about CWC’s third collaboration, Ark, the Sci-Fi Adventure I coordinated myself since June of last year. As CWC’s first two projects The Concierge and Ambition were more Suspense-Romance novels, Ark is definitely a break from the mold. I also think its success, during the writing process, opened up a few more doors for a bunch of different genre choices for CWC’s ensuing projects. Project #4, Wytch Born, is totally a High Fantasy Epic Saga. Project #5, which just started and is tentatively titled The Map, has so far become a Psychological Mystery/Romance. Who knows what’s coming next?

I was so fortunate to have served as the Story Coordinator for Ark, and as I’m also CWC’s Chief Editor, I’m now overseeing the final editing process for this awesome collaboration before it goes to print later this month. 21 incredibly talented authors, half of whom have never even dabbled in Sci-Fi before, came together to write, structure, solve, and pump out one of the most intricate story lines I’ve ever read myself. The amazing thing about CWC collaborations, including Ark, is the consistency of voice within the narrative. This thing reads like it was written by one author. I know I say this every time I talk about a CWC collaboration, but it’s just so true – and so brilliantly amazing when you think about the fact that these authors wrote their chapters with nothing but summaries of the chapters already written.

I could go on and on about all the intricate details of characterization in this collaboration, of surprisingly complex plot twists and seemingly impossible hurdles. The characters are real, raw, and oftentimes hilarious, the motivations behind even the basest life forms poignant, and the threat to the universe terrifying. I’ll just have to settle for letting you read Ark’s summary before it’s even been released. So keep an eye out for information on Ark’s release this month. You don’t want to miss it.

Ark Cover

The renowned planetary zoologist, Dr.Dirk Forret, has always loved exploring new planets, discovering and cataloging new species, and returning to Earth with his new-found knowledge. His beloved Ark, the exploratory research vessel, serves as both mobile laboratory and home to the hundreds of her crew members, who have all put their lives in Dirk’s hands on their mission to Santelli Minor.

But this isn’t a normal expedition. When Dirk’s head of security breaks protocol and engages with the planet’s unexpected humanoid species, Dirk and his crew find themselves, at first, with what seems like a viral breakout inducing a comatose state. With half the crew immobilized and seemingly in a trance, a small team reaches out beyond their original plans in search of the cause and a way to reverse the disease. What awaits them is far beyond anything they’ve ever imagined, and calls them to do more than they ever believed they could.

Join Dirk and the Ark on this perilous journey among ancient tribes, communion with the planet’s sentient nature, and the dangerous forces trying to break free into the universe. Only one thing can stop it, and nobody likes what their last option has become.

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