The Start of a New Year


Happy New Year (late)!

It’s 2016, and I’m already amazed by all the things this year has in store, both for me and for all the amazing people I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know in 2015.

My husband and I were so lucky to be able to spend the last week of the year in Colorado with my family, and the first week of this year in South Carolina with his. It was a wonderfully long, wonderfully full vacation, and while we filled most of our time with family, parties, and activities, I couldn’t have been more grateful.

I’ve never actually experienced bringing in the new year with such pride looking back and such excitement looking forward. It’s incredible how much can change in a year, especially when most of it includes doing what you love and helping others achieve their own goals.

Last year, I took a huge leap in launching KLH CreateWorks, hoping it would turn into so much more than what, at first, seemed a silly idea. And it turned out better than I ever could have possibly imagined. To all my gracious, funny, brilliantly talented clients – thank you! Getting to know each of you personally, working with you on your extraordinary manuscripts, and blending the stark line between stoic professionalism and the cultivation of truly genuine relationships has been the best part of my year. Each one of you has brought a new sense of wonder to my daily life, as well as a world of learning I could never have entered without you. You are the reason I do this!

Most of you have beautifully preened and shiny novels launching in 2016. I couldn’t be prouder to have taken a position ‘behind the scenes’, and you know I’ll be in the front row when your novels take the stage.

Working with CWC and its founder Laura Callender has been such a gift, and I can’t wait until next year, when I’ll be able to say I’ve been a part of the extraordinary project for a full calendar year (and then some). It’s given me such a great opportunity to work with new, imaginative, adventure-loving writers. I have yet to find such a successful collaborative process as  CWC, and all the things coming for it in the future are so exciting: publication of ‘Ark’ and ‘Wytch Born’ (projects 3 and 4), the start of Project 5, and who knows how many others this year? If you haven’t yet checked out CWC and want to figure out how to seriously stretch your writing skills, do so here!

Beyond starting my own business and being transported through a wormhole into the larger-than-life online writing community, I managed to fulfill a huge personal goal of mine last year (which also happens to be along the lines of my career path). ‘Daughter of the Drackan‘, the first in my Dark Fantasy series, ‘Gyenona’s Children’, was published in October, and boy, am I humbled and thrilled by the response it’s already received! For those of you who have really stepped it up a notch in spreading the word and leaving amazing reviews for this novel – I can’t thank you enough! Your support, encouragement, and enthusiasm has been one of the greatest boons in my career. I hope someday to be able to pay each one of you back in kind. The sequel, ‘Mother of the Drackan’, is in its final stages and should be out in the next few months. Working on my Adult Dystopian Sci-Fi ‘Sleepwater Beat’ is a heck of a ride itself, and hopefully it’ll be out shortly after MoD.

If you’d like to see more about my life as a Fantasy and Sci-Fi Author, check out my author site at Don’t forget to sign up for email updates, which you’ll get the minute my new novels go live. Click here, and you’ll never miss a new release!

I hope each and every one of you enjoys the amazing things to come in 2016. There’s a lot out there this year, so reach out and take it for yourself! (And if you’re looking for an editor, shoot me an email! I love meeting new authors:

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