CWC Pilot Project, ‘The Concierge’ Has Been Published!

This is very exciting! I’ve published a good handful of posts about CWC and the process of being a Story Coordinator for a wonderful team of writers on the Sci-Fi Project ‘Ark’. But today marks a huge stepping stone in the success and exposure of Collaborative Writing Challenge, and I’m focusing on that.

The Concierge, a full-length suspense drama, is written by 19 of CWC’s incredibly talented authors. It’s also a HUGE launch for CWC. All proceeds go to IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children all over the world connect with books. Every kid should have the opportunity to read! ( So starting this weekend you can grab an ebook copy of The Concierge for yourself, and help get these fantastic authors’s names out there. Currently, The Concierge is available on the Kindle Store here, and will be available in full print very soon!

“In a tale of intrigue, betrayal, and insatiable greed, Clarissa finds herself in the center of a plot that extends far beyond her role as a hotel Concierge. She must discover for herself the people in her life who are there to truly help her, and those who have only been playing her all along, before she loses everything. Including her own life. No one is who they seem to be, not even Clarissa Banks.”

This is such a fantastic project, and we are really trying to get the word out there about what CWC does, how writers can get involved, and that there are more collaborative novels in the works that will be published and available for purchase. I love being a part of something like this that not only challenges and hones the skills and abilities of both writers and story coordinators, but can add to so many resumes and portfolios, and potentially be the seeds for some pretty amazing fiction careers.

CWC is also looking for more writers to join the ‘Ark’ Sci-Fi project. Openings are currently available in December this year, and we could always use backup writers just in case some chapters before then open up in availability. If you’re interested, contact Laura at And check out The Concierge!

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