Democrats and Measles

Okay, so I struggled a little bit with this one. I tried to think of something else, anything else, that I could blog about today, and while there were plenty on the list, I could not get this out of my head. So I just had to. Before you stop reading, please be advised that I am not a Democrat and do not have Measles, nor do I subscribe to any political and/or diagnostic labels.

When I lived in Charleston, South Carolina, I went to the chiropractor three times a week for adjustments and treatments. I found Dr. Jesse Ross and BioKare Wellness Center at the end of January this year (for anyone curious about amazing new technologies and chiropractic treatments, as well as those offered in Alternative Medicine Clinics, or if you live in Charleston and are in need of a fantastic chiropractor, please visit I received countless benefits from Dr. Jesse’s treatments and patient care, which I would love to share here sometime. Right now, I’m focused on something a little bit different). I got so involved with the clinic, so curious about the processes, values, and information, that I ended up working about 12 hours a week just picking up extra administrative work in exchange for my treatments. I can’t begin to describe the changes I saw, both physically and mentally, during the span of my three-a-week visits, and so when my husband and I finally decided we were moving to California, I put a lot of time into finding the right chiropractor in a new state. There are a lot of chiropractors in the Nevada County area, which was surprising for how small the towns are. I spent days going through every chiropractic website within an hour’s drive of my soon-to-be new home, just to make sure I found the best. And then I stumbled upon, the website for Dr. Dale Jacobson and his phenomenal team in Nevada City. In addition to the three chiropractors that offer chiropractic and holistic health care, they also have Maternity/Infant care and Women’s Health focuses. This was the only website that I’d found with what I considered to be a full range of health and wellness care and treatment, and so I did a bit more exploring. Then I found the page with Dr. Jacobson’s book, available to purchase in print or to download electronically for free.

So of course, being the Curious Kat that I am, I downloaded the book and skimmed about (you should do the same thing!). Under the Table of Contents, the section that stuck out was “Questions People Incessantly Ask a Chiropractor”. I laughed way too loud when I read through this Q&A, completely fascinated by the way he balanced informative medical information with snide comments and doctor jokes.

For example: “Q: What about death and strokes from chiropractors? A: Why do you think I have a large dumpster outside my office? It is quite interesting to note that a great percentage of deaths and strokes from manipulation of the neck are caused by medical doctors, physiotherapists, and family members and friends, with minimal or no training in joint manipulation. If the medical profession would read its own research on damage from manipulation, particularly who performed it, there would be much less paranoia about frequency of injury from chiropractic manipulation. There are many physicians who still caution their patients to avoid chiropractors so they don’t end up in wheelchairs. (The patients, that is). Considering the fact that there are approximately one and a half deaths a year in the world from chiropractic neck manipulation, it’s about like being hit by lightning, or winning the lottery. There are, on the other hand, very few procedures practiced in medicine that are safer than chiropractic. The A.M.A. itself admits to over 106,000 deaths per year from medical error (close behind heart disease and cancer, if you accept their admitted figure of 106,000). This modest figure is from “properly prescribed” drugs alone. In 2000 the most advertised drug in the United States “Vioxx” (for arthritis pain), was taken by 20 million Americans. By 2004 when it was recalled by its maker Merck, the FDA estimated that over 27,000 people had already died from taking Vioxx. If the average chiropractor killed even “one-tenth” of a person a year, and let’s be extravagant, and say chiropractors world-wide killed 10 people, the chiropractic profession would be chased out of business from the manufacture of public paranoia on the evening TV news based on the testimony of “medical experts.”” – Dr. Dale Jacobson DC

So in addition to his extraordinarily wry sense of humor on this topic, which very closely mirrors my own, I found a kindred spirit in the skepticism of common Western medical practices, the FDA, the AMA, and Big Pharma (that, too, is a discussion for another day). After browsing through a bit more of the book, I decided that any chiropractor who thinks this way and has the desire to publish a book about it would be worth going to visit. So when we got here, I made an appointment as a new patient. Not only did I have an amazing conversation with one of the receptionists about the great town I moved to and the best sushi restaurant around (my husband and I agree completely after having the best 3-hour sushi extravaganza the next week), but I also found another piece of literature that is actually the main reason I’m writing. It was a 7-page packet with a neon pink cover. So I grabbed it and took a seat to wait for my appointment. For the sake of space here, I would like to just offer the entire cover page, which in and of itself said more to me about both the packet and Dr. Jacobson than anything anyone could have told me:

“Measles Vaccine
Relevance and Safety

This is a short essay for Democrats at the 4/07/15 Grange Hall meeting who actually prefer scientific data and facts over the disinformation used by big pharma via commercial media to manufacture fear, and consequent consent regarding the “measles crisis” leading to the current media frenzy regarding forced vaccination of every man, woman, and child on the planet. One would like to imagine and hope that any good democrat would want to continue to live in a land with freedom of choice and freedom of expression. I write this paper for you, and hope your families are of this persuasion, and thus might benefit from this short essay. It is my hope you will start to ask questions about vaccination safety and long-term benefits, and demand answers before subjecting your family to “unscientific” frequently harmful, frequently “family destroying”, and at times fatal medical procedures. Your beloved democratic President John F. Kennedy said, “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie – deliberate, contrived, and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” Now read that quote again. HASTILY COMPILED BY DR. DALE JACOBSON D.C. 194 GOLD FLAT ROAD, NEVADA CITY, CALIFORNIA”

And while it would be completely senseless to copy the entire essay to this post, I feel an obligation to outline the premise (as if the title page didn’t communicate that clearly enough). Basically, Dr. Jacobson highlighted that the measles vaccine, introduced in 1964, was created and distributed almost 50 years after the highest number of measles-induced-deaths in the 20th century, after the mortality rate had already decreased by 98%. This is complimented by the data that the number of measles outbreaks in the US, just over 100 in 2001, increased 500% in 2014 to 644. “The artificial “synthetic” measles virus DNA and RNA is detectable in the vast majority of the people vaccinated with it. The 1995 Journal of Clinical Microbiology study, “Detection of Measles Virus DNA in Urine Specimens from Vaccine Recipients” showed with “reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)” testing, exactly which strain of measles virus – “artificial” or “natural” – it was that 15-month-old MMR vaccinated children and young adults had the measles from, as they had the specific measles DNA and RNA virus in their urine.” And the majority of those with measles, according to the report and this essay, were found to have the DNA of the synthetic measles virus, with which they were vaccinated, in their urine samples. On the References page at the end of the essay, he writes: “The only book you really, really definitely need is The Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners – a Guide to Immunization Risks and Protection, by Neil Miller. It has infinite references for scientific studies for all major vaccines.”

The reason I’m writing about this information on Dr. Jacobson’s essay is by no means because I want to start a blog war, or brainwash anyone with my own ideologies and conspiracy theories (even if I had any). More than being a proponent of Alternative Medicine, I am an advocate for the individual to exercise their right to question, to explore, and to choose. There are so many people who get their information nowadays solely from the media; the news channels, newspapers, and popular magazines. Even with the incredible reach and accessibility of the internet, there still exists the mindset of “whatever we see and hear that calls itself “news” is the truth.” I want to be able to offer this kind of information to people who may not otherwise have access to it (those who have never seen this essay, for example). I am not a mother, and I don’t do this out of fear for my children or myself. I’m not a hippie, or a Democrat, or a lobbyist. I am simply a human being who wants to help other human beings find the courage and the curiosity to question the things that we’re told to believe and to do. Especially now, with so many changes in governments, policies, and institutional practices all over the world. I urge you to look into the things that interest you, that drive your passions, in a positive way that will bring you individual freedom and autonomy, and at the very least knowledge. Sometimes even more knowledge than those people and organizations that are giving it to you. Question me, even. Look into the information I’ve given you, ask questions, believe or don’t believe. But don’t take my word for it. See the point?

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