Saying Yes and The Brain Child

I found myself wondering why it was taking so long to get to the finish line of my goals here. As a Fiction Author working desperately to polish, re-polish, tidy, and then submit to anyone and everyone for publication of my fantasy novel, responses took fifty times longer than I spent all together on sending them out. As a Freelance Editor only recently realizing the worth of my efforts, requests from both friends and new clients were dwindling, and the work put into this budding business reflected just that. Personally, I had been waiting for months to get this show on the road, to move across the entire country in four and a half days, two cars, a trailer, and husband and two dogs at my side…in spirit. Time stands still while one waits for the fruits of one’s labor – until it doesn’t anymore.

My time sped up to me like an open bag of marbles crashing down the stairs, compensating for all the waiting that tested my patience. May crept up ready to pounce, and somewhere along the way forgot to tell me that everything would happen at once. I dove head-first into this fantastic new project by Collaborative Writing Challenge as a Story Coordinator. Working with Laura, the founder and owner, has been a fantastic experience, especially after all the little updates and check-ins (and her husband calling me and mine crazy) through our 3,000 mile move.

On the way, I got a phone call from NAPW (the National Association of Professional Women), asking for an update on my information and informing me that I had been nominated to receive their VIP Award for outstanding leadership and ingenuity as a small business owner and entrepreneur. Of course I accepted the honor, albeit with glassy eyes and a gaping mouth. I was being awarded, answering the phone in my hotel room that boasted pet-friendly amenities and non-smoking accommodations (only one of which was actually true), for doing what I considered was absolutely nothing; my every day routine. I had only become a member five months before, and had had very little time to boast activity on the organization’s website. And yet I stood out.

I have been in my new house for 24 hours. That’s catching up to me all too quickly enough, realizing that I left the last three years of my life behind and took the very best of it with me. I sat down on a stack of dusty pillows surrounded by a sea of dustier boxes to fiddle on my website.

And then it hit me.

There is no possible way in all the whole wide world that all of these things, and the vaguely related myriad of a few other odds and ends, have absolutely nothing to do with each other. I had been driving myself crazy trying to decide which was more important, which to spend more time on, which one would get me where I wanted to go the fastest. But I already had what I wanted. Opportunity. Recognition. A chance to really start growing. Each individual facet of an increasingly overwhelming slew of outlets for my business had come together at that moment (perhaps not what I considered the opportune moment, wearing the same sweater everyday because the rest were packed away) to scream the answer.

It’s NOW! You’re doing it NOW! Look where you are!

And as I switched tabs on my laptop from one social media account to the next, from client communication to check-ins with collaborators, I found that they all carried the same purpose, the same core essential message and intentions, and why shouldn’t I combine them all together to be the same thing? I had said yes to so many different avenues that creating my own platform had been too big of a yes until I actually couldn’t see anything else. And saying no was never even an option.

I have clients that I never considered to be clients simply because of my mutually open and effective relationships with them, resources already under my belt to help me along this terrifying and surprisingly simple path. How had I never seen it before?

The result is this brain child, this ongoing account of the power of saying yes, the power of creating an exquisite work from the abilities I took for granted. I’m starting with a single step here, and I have no doubt there will be a thousand more.

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