When We Do What We Love, The Things We Do Love Us Back

The mission of KLH CreateWorks has two sides. The first: to provide professional writing services with positive ingenuity, dedication, and a genuine striving toward client and prospect connection. The second: to encourage other small business owners and budding authors to embrace the characteristics and ideas that make them unique, and that combining them with a business model makes for an enjoyable, effortless, and far more human experience. When we do what we love, the things we do love us back.

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What Does KLH CreateWorks Offer?

Proofreading and Content Editing

Are you in need of fast, professional, and affordable editing or proofreading for your manuscript? Are you tired of paying way too much for someone who only proofreads, or who tries to change the creativity of your work? I am a Freelance Copy and Content Editor, which means that I review and proofread for grammar and punctuation, and also “fix up” the content of your work to make sure the whole thing flows together as one cohesive piece. Click here to learn how to get your manuscript or paper edited.

Copywriting for Alternative Medicine Small Businesses

What qualifies me to write copy for your business, copy that will both attract new patients and keep them feeling safe, informed, and benefitted from the wonderful quality of care you have to offer? First and foremost, it is my love of helping people find hope, relief, and joy in their lives again. Click here for an overview of my experiences with Alternative Medicine Copywriting.

You Are What You Write

You Are What You Write is where I publish updates on current fiction projects, ideas and tips for editing, links to clients and peers, and my experiences as a self-employed Freelancer. It is also where I post on a more personal note, embracing the freedom to meld business with entertainment, hard work with amusement, and reality with dreams. That is why we create in the first place, because these things are one and the same. Scroll down to see the most recent posts and updates.

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You Are What You Write

We all know dialogue is extremely important in fiction, and writing it correctly can make or break a piece of writing (see Self-Editing Tip #5). Once we have the mechanics of dialogue punctuation and paragraphing down, the next step is to review dialogue tags and action tags. A tag, in fiction, is any piece of narrative that… Read More

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Sentence structure is one of the elements I believe make up an author’s narrative voice—their style, if you will. And as we see over and over again, each author clearly has their individual preferences when it comes to how they structure their sentences. Long, flowing, and wordy. Short, choppy, and to the point. A mix… Read More

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Call to Arms: Year-long survey reveals which book advertiser offers best value for money

Last year, I shared with you the result of my Call to Arms, on my very popular post, Book Marketing Results 2015. I now have collected enough data to follow up with this year’s results. Like … Source: Call to Arms: Year-long survey reveals which book advertiser offers best value for money

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Today I’m interviewing Don Forst, another client of mine who came to me with his third novel, The Replacement Conspiracy, after having written a super entertaining two-part series: The Reincarnation of Vincent Van Gogh and The Return of Vincent Van Gogh. I loved working with Don, who is also an Expressionist painter, and wanted to share a little bit about his most… Read More

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It’s incredibly hard to believe that I haven’t posted anything here for almost two months. That was definitely never intentional, nor do I plan to let that happen again. But, as I’ve come to experience all too recently in the last few months, life tends to get in its own way, and I’d look pretty… Read More

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I’m so excited this month to be able to talk about CWC’s third collaboration, Ark, the Sci-Fi Adventure I coordinated myself since June of last year. As CWC’s first two projects The Concierge and Ambition were more Suspense-Romance novels, Ark is definitely a break from the mold. I also think its success, during the writing process, opened up a… Read More

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What My Customers Think

KLH CreateWorks is a fantastic resource for any writer to have their work reviewed and improved in a fast and efficient manner. Kat Hutson is a delight to work with; she is knowledgeable and well-practiced in the finer technical points of the English language. She took the draft of my latest fantasy novel and had it turned around and back to me very fast. She was always ready to give me feedback on my work during the editing process, and we easily maintained a fluid, open line of communication. Kat Hutson is incredibly diligent about making agreed-upon deadlines for her clients. She is approachable and highly available for comment and feedback throughout the editing process. Kat Hutson is fully committed to providing her clients top-notch quality, and will do everything in her power to ensure that each project passing through her hands receives her best work, and that every client is absolutely satisfied with her services. I would absolutely work with Kat Hutson and KLH CreatWorks again, as well as recommend the service to others.

I was excited by Kathrin’s versatility and enthusiasm. She wanted to know more about what we are doing and help out in any way she could. I quickly learned what an asset Kathrin is, and snatched her up. We have been working closely together for the last couple of months. She is the kind of person who will likely take on far more than you expected, but still give you 100% every time. She is confident, dedicated, organized, and very efficient. And to add to that, she is very approachable. If you are looking for an editor or proofreader, you would be hard pressed to find someone as passionate about reading and writing as Kat Hutson.

Recently, Kathrin Hutson edited a research proposal and finalized research paper for me. I was astounded by her professionalism and flexibility in writing techniques. Upon receiving her feedback, I had no doubt that she immensely aided my writing. After the initial research proposal on modern education reform was accepted to be presented at the William V. Moore Research Conference this year, I proceeded to have Kathrin edit my finished research paper. Her feedback was unequivocally necessary for my success at the conference. I took Kathrin’s feedback and leveraged it to receive the Second Best Presentation Award at the conference. Since then, I have gone on to further discuss my work with other scholars, and plan to extrapolate my research int other fields. I would absolutely recommend Kathrin for anyone looking to fine tune a piece of literature, or to receive valuable criticism for any piece of work.

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